The perfume advisor 3.0

PERFUMIST is the innovative consulting app that already includes more than 30,000 fragrances and more than 1,500 different brands.

Every year over 2,500 fragrances are launched... 10 times more than in the last 20 years.
Finding the right perfume is therefore harder than ever, you quickly feel lost in the midst of the multitude of possibilities - and even the salesperson quickly loses track of things.

So what to do if you are looking for a special perfume or if a beloved perfume has been discontinued?
With the PERFUMIST App, this is no longer a problem, because the user can use the search function in the app to find his or her favourite fragrance using scents, fragrance concentrations and descriptions.
You can learn more about your own perfume preference and at the same time discover alternative, new fragrances that match your perfume preference.
Of course, this also works if you want to give away a fragrance as a gift.