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xLaeta Parfum – ONE & TWO for YOU

Translates from Latin, Laeta means ‘the happy one’. A name that couldn’t fit better to Julia, who is known online as xLaeta, seeing as she enchants her 2 million followers on Instagram and equally as many YouTube subscribers with her charming and cheerful personality.

Her biggest wish has always been to create her own fragrance. Together with us, xLaeta was able to fulfil this lifelong dream for herself and her community. We created two fragrances that radiate the youthful freshness that surrounds her and her followership.

The two fragrances are as versatile as Julia is herself: sometimes sweet and playful, sometimes mysterious and adventurous – and sometimes a likeable and unique blend of both.

ONE – fruity, floral and a bit cheeky.
TWO – flowery and velvety, but with a powerful depth.

An innovative feature to these perfumes is, that the two scents can be layered over another to create a third, individual fragrance. A concept that had not made its way into the drugstores yet – until this product launch. According to the principle of ‘fragrance layering’ – the wearer can play with the dosage or layering structure of the scents and can thus create their own personal and individual blend. Therefore, ONE and TWO become YOU.

The packaging of the perfumes is just as unique as the concept. Inspired by a blossoming rose, the packaging opens like a blooming bud in spring, revealing the glass bottle. A fabric flower is tied around the neck of the bottle that can be repurposed as a ring or hair accessory.

The xLaeta perfumes are naturally vegan, animal-cruelty free and dermatologically tested.

In addition, every purchase of a perfume is associated with a donation of one Euro to the charity organisation ‘wir helfen’, which supports children and young people from difficult backgrounds by giving them new perspectives.


xLaeta ONE 30 ml & 50 ml Eau de Parfum
xLaeta TWO 30 ml & 50 ml Eau de Parfum
plus gift sets

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