— a perfume concept that lingers on your senses.

The world of Julia Beautx revolves around the love of music. In July 2019, when the creative multi-talent
called for a vote on the song that would determine
her first own fragrance, her community had the choice -

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Fragrance creations with a vision

xLaeta Parfum – ONE & TWO for YOU

The first perfume introducing a layering concept launched by an influencer in drugstores. We created two scents that can be worn individually or layered on top of each other: A concept that embodies the multifaceted Julia, known as xLaeta, perfectly. Keeping it fruity and flirty in pink, and contrasting it with the purple velvety flowery scent – both perfumes are absolute eyecatchers and donate with every sale to the charity organisation ‘wir helfen’.

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Shirin David

Created by the community

A revolutionary concept that made a big entrance. Using the latest THE SCENTIST (link) technology, Shirin’s million-strong community was encouraged to participate in the creation of her fragrance. The final look? A high-quality glass bottle, filled with a floriental Eau de Parfum and a hand-beaded crystal cap that catches all the attention. Manufactured in Germany and exclusively distributed through Germany’s biggest drugstore – dm-drogerie markt. Created by the community was awarded the Duftstars Award 2018.

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