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Scents that tell stories – that’s what we strive for. We have been developing perfume concepts that please not only your eyes and nose, but also set trends in the market for over 25 years. Simplified off-the-shelf solutions? Not our thing. Outdated marketing strategies? Let’s not. We create, we innovate, and above all: we manufacture perfumes with strong identities. The products and stories we create turn heads – in retail locations, online, and with our customers.

PARFUMLOVERS puts innovative perfume production in the spotlight. High-quality ingredients sourced from renowned fragrance houses, concepts with exciting storylines and packaging solutions that mind the environment – we care for details, always. And with that attitude, we even win awards.

Private label or licensed brands, influencer collaborations or distribution partner – we’ve done it all and we’ve done it well. Our accumulated expertise provides strong support in perfume projects of any kind. PARFUMLOVERS is your reliable and creative partner for brands that go above and beyond in setting new standards.

Cologne, California, China – our network of reliable partners is cast all over the world. Our dynamic team is constantly on the move, traveling to grasp beauty trends before they blossom, connecting with international innovators and gathering inspiration for exciting future projects – no matter the dimension.

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– a perfume concept that lingers on your senses.

Since the comments and questions about the
DANCE fragrance have not diminished
even after months, the creative multi-talent
Julia Beautx has decided to launch also
the perfume YOUR CHOICE DANCE.

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